Intentional Homeschooling

Family, Homeschool / Friday, October 26th, 2018

I am an intentional homeschooler. I teach my own conglomeration of secular Charlotte Mason, unschooling, and child led learning, but anyone with any methodology can be an intentional homeschooler!

Here are 5 ways you can be an Intentional Homeschooler in your home —

5 ways to be an Intentional Homeschooler:

1. Set Intentions. Intentions are the over-arching goals you want to set for teaching. My intentions for homeschool are to create a peaceful, loving relationship with learning to flourish and excite new ideas. Or the simpler version: don’t make my kids hate education.

2. Lead with heart. Humans are imperfect. We are imperfect parents. When we lead with the heart, our kids will learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and how to move through them with grace. Leading with your heart is leading with love.

3. Breathe. Long, deep breathing many times a day will make a world of difference. If you can do it for 3 minutes before you start the day, you’ll be surprised how different you feel. On the hard days, take a couple minutes together to breathe. It’s great for emotional regulation! When in doubt, a Fitness Marshall Dance party is a great way to burn off some steam.

4. Be Flexible. Some days, the rhythm has to be thrown out the window. Some days, the best education is one of free time in nature. Some days, PBS Kids/Netflix/Tablets/etc are the answer. It’s all about balance, and understanding that everyone needs a day (or in our case three, thanks ear infection) off. The wonderful thing about homeschooling is you, as the teacher, can make those adjustments as needed.

5. Remember your Why. Why are you on this journey? What was your reason for starting? Whatever it was, check back in with it periodically. Are you still in it for that reason? How can you adjust to reach your goals?

Home Education comes with a host of complicated emotions. And that’s okay. You will have days you feel like you want to quit, and that’s okay. You will have days that fill your heart so much it feels like it could burst, and that’s amazing! With these 5 steps, you will be more intentional and more connected in your homeschooling approach.

All the best,